Top Reasons To Sell Your Home In Fall!

Wednesday Sep 16th, 2020


Top Reasons to Sell Your Home in Fall


1. Demand is Still Strong

  • People have the misconception that spring and summer are the best months to sell a home.  They are not wrong, but fall is also a very busy time of year. The past few years we have had an influx of home buyers in the market.  This is resulting in many homes receiving multiple offers and selling over the asking price.  The buyers that missed out are still looking for a home, which makes fall the perfect time to sell.


2. Less Competition For When You are Looking to Buy

  • Wanting to avoid being in multiple bidding wars when it is your time to find a home? Then fall is the time for you!!! Most families are heavily driven to buy and sell their homes during the spring and summer months so that their children can be set up for the new school year.  Avoid the mayhem and enjoy a calmer real estate market in the season of fall!


3. A Different Demographics of Buyers

  • Families are not the only buyers out there.  Couples without kids, young professionals, empty nesters and even employers looking to relocate their employees like the fall months to shop for homes. 



4. Great Time to Create Curb Appeal

  • Who doesn't love fall? It is the perfect time to spruce up the outside of your home and intrigue all of your potential buyers.  The décor and colours are so warm and inviting, which all can be used to your advantage!


5. Enojoy the Summer Months and Use the Extra Time Wisely

  • We only get a few months of nice warm weather and they should be enjoyed to the fullest.  Summer can also be an ideal time for you to spruce up the home and get it ready to list come fall.




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