Minimalist Living: Tips on How to Organize and Decorate Your Home with a Minimalist Mindset

Friday Jul 17th, 2020


When moving from our last home, I realized while packing, that we have A LOT of stuff! I was taken aback when going through everything and noticed that we don’t use half of the things that we have been lugging from house to house! Yes we have moved a few times! It was shocking to me because I am always down for a good house purging and getting rid of items that haven’t seen the light of day in a while.  We didn’t have the time to go through everything while packing with a 1 year old and new born. I was lucky I was able to pack my house at all! So, we are now in our new home with a basement full of items that need to be sorted and donated! This dilemma has me in search of ways to live more simply and to avoid the need to save things for “what if” days and “maybe I’ll use it some day.” 

Being a neat freak at heart, my basement makes me feel like Monica on friends with her secret closet that is locked with all her junk piled up! My hunt was on to find the best ways to motivate me to live more simply and minimalistic as much as possible.  Clutter is my enemy and I work and function much better in a clean, neat and minimalist space.  I know I can’t be the only one fighting this struggle, especially with those of you who have kids.  I have no clue how they accumulate so much stuff!  I have been a mom for only 2 years and I feel like my house has been invaded by 2 mini humans that terrorize and leave their toys EVERYWHERE! I love them to death, but if I step on another Lego piece or toy car…. Can I get an AMEN?  So, until my kids learn how to consistently pick up after themselves, I am going to begin de-cluttering our lives with the minimalistic method in mind.


My Top Findings to Help Declutter Your Space

  1. Create a Checklist: Write down each space that you are looking to declutter and your vision for how you want the space to look and function.
  2. View Each Room as a First Time Visitor:  Pretend that it is your first time walking into the space.  How does it make you feel? What do you notice?
  3. Re-Pack a Room: Pretend that you are moving and literally pack up the room.  While unpacking, you will be surprised what items you automatically feel the need to get rid of.
  4. Have an Organizing Party:  Calling a family member or friend over to help is a great idea.  They can provide a different perspective and can hold you accountable if you really haven’t worn that shirt in a year or if you have an excessive love for tea cups!
  5. Discard Broken Items:  Get rid of the items that are not working or functioning any more! If you haven’t fixed it yet, the chances are low that you will fix it.  Plus, you have been operating without it for this long!
  6. Organize Before You Buy:  This is a super tip!  Don’t buy things unless you have organized the space that you are purchasing it for.  This will provide motivation and will ensure that you are not spending your money on unneeded items.
  7. Be Realistic in Your Vision: Sure, the photos online of minimalistic spaces look great, but it may not be functional for your lifestyle.  It is important to set out an attainable goal and to keep in mind how you use your space daily.
  8. Spot for Incoming Paper: It is inevitable that bills and other mail will be entering the home.  It is really helpful to have a spot where you keep incoming paper and organize it often.
  9. Use the 4 Box Method:  There are tons of different methods you can incorporate when decluttering and organizing a space.  I find the 4-box method to be the easiest and most helpful.  Grab 4 boxes and label them: Throw Out, Keep, Donate and Store.  It is a game changer when you’re teetertottering on an item and not sure where to put it.  Remember that organizing party you were going to host? Well, that friend will find the perfect box for it!

Ways to Decorate Your Space in a Minimalistic Fashion

  1. Focus on Functionality: Determine how you are going to use the space/room and tailor it to those needs. 
  2. Clean Lines: Finding furniture that have straight lines and using geometric décor is visually appealing and are easy on the eyes.
  3. Use Mirrors to Open the Space: Mirrors add function and style to a space, but you will be impressed on how they can draw the eyes else where as well.
  4. Let in Natural Light:  Allowing the natural light in helps tremendously. Natural light helps make a room appear larger and add some warmth as well.
  5. Neutral Paint Colours:  Being a realtor, I see lots of different colours used in a space.  The ones that have the most calming effects are those with natural earth-based tones.  They make a home brighter and warmer.  You can always add pops of colour with décor items in a monochromatic way. 
  6. Simple Light Fixtures: With minimalistic décor, you will notice that simple lighting fixtures are commonly used that provide lots of light.
  7.  Choose Furniture that has Dual Purposes: Having furniture that can be used in different ways, helps declutter a space and looks more visually appealing.
  8. Quality over Quantity when Picking Furniture:  Investing your money into well made furniture pieces will go a long way opposed to having lots of less expensive pieces.  Less is more!
  9. Use Vertical Shelving:  Help your gauze lengthen by adding vertical shelves.  This provides the room with more depth and is a perfect place to add some cute books and a few plants to add colour.
  10. Use Fabrics to Add Warmth:  Adding pops of fabrics such as pillows or throw blankets are always a welcoming touch.
  11. Don’t Forget Plants: Adding a green thumb to your space is always encouraged.  Plants help add warmth and colour.  They also help clean the air.  Win Win!

Now you have all the tools to get your space in tip top shape! May you make your home organizing dreams come true! But, always remember to have "Patience, Young Grasshopper," and be kind to yourself.  Rome wasn't built in a day!





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