Burlington December 2020 Market Update

Friday Jan 01st, 2021


2020 is officially over! Send in the marching band!!!! There were many lessons learned and lots of hope created.  The Real Estate Market was booming in spite of all the chaos around us. December was a very interesting month for Real Estate.  We saw less homes listed than in the previous year, but more homes sold.  Inventory was very scarce for Burlington and the surrounding areas, but that did not affect our sales numbers.  Freehold homes saw an increase in sales and value.  Condo homes saw the reverse.  This does not surprise us as the overall driving force for Buyers this year was to upgrade their homes and to leave condo living.  Covid and the impeccable interest rates were the main cause for this trend.  Real Estate has proven to be an affluent investment time and time again.  It will always be our top choice of where to place our money. If you are looking to upgrade your home this year, invest in properties or just stepping into the real estate market, we are the team for you!  Let the Nat and Nate Real Estate Team help you achieve your Real Estate goals with our cultivating experience, knowledge and expertise.  I leave you with a favourite quote of mine by Mark Twain, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”.  May 2021 be the beginning of something great!





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