7 Reasons to Sell Your Home During The Holidays

Wednesday Dec 07th, 2016


7 Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays



You may be on the fence about whether or not listing your home in the later months of the year is a good idea or not.  We are hear to share with you 7 reasons why it is a better idea than you may have thought.  


1. Serious Buyers:

People looking for a home during the holiday season are serious about finding their new home.  These people are dedicating to find the right home.


2. Lower Supply:

Generally, there are fewer homes for sale during the holidays.  This means less competition for you!  Add in a strong seller's market and you are setting yourself up for much success.  



3. More Time:

People typically think everyone is busy during the holidays.  The opposite can be true.  Many people have time off of work and less demanding schedules, allowing them to search for their new home.



4. Holiday Decor:

Holiday decor warms up a home, making people fee connected.  Homes also tend to shine more when they are decorated.


5. Scheduling Control:

Don't Fret! You can still do everything you love during the holidays.  You can create a showing schedule that fits yours needs.


6. Capture the Relocating Buyer:

The new year brings with it employees beginning new jobs.  People can be relocating and in a rush to find a home quickly.  We have helped several buyers relcoate and it always tends to be at the end of the year.



7. Move in the Spring:

You can sell during the prime holiday season and not worry about moving until the new year.  Having your home sold can give you an advantage when you become the buyer.


Selling your home at the end of the year may be the right choice to getting your home sold!  If you or anyone you know is thinking about selling your home, we would love to work with you! Reach out or comment below.


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