12 Characteristics to Acquire for a Successful Year

Monday Jan 16th, 2017


With a New Year already on its way, we wanted our first blog post to be a piece that will encourage us to make this year better than the last.  Every year my husband and I discuss our long term and short term goals.  We create a “plan” and try to follow it as best as possible. Our “plan” diverts often with many revisions, but at the end of the day, we are still on the right path to our goals.  We do this as a way to keep us motivated, as life tends to throw tons of curve balls our way. No matter what the year before brought forth, creating an action plan and setting your intentions for this brand new chapter is always a way to freshen up your outlook and keep you on track.  There is no better time than now to get right back up and continued to push through. 


In light of this, our team chatted about our resolutions and goals for the year, if we think they will stick, and created a plan on how to set us up for victory.  We came up with the 12 characteristics that we think help us in being successful.  So here it is, our steps on how to enforce the change you want to see in your life, and continue growing as individuals:


  1. Think Big: This is number 1 because it is the most important. The Big Idea is what gets you going.  It is the driving force and the end result that you want to achieve.  We say the bigger the idea, the better! There is no limit in what you can accomplish.  Believe that and anything is possible. 


  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Failure: People are always afraid of things not working out, of not being good enough, or of making mistakes.  You can’t progress and be the best, if you haven’t gotten dirty.  Successful people will tell you about all the times that their ideas went wrong and are proud of it.  This is because, they know that their failures, led to their big break through.  Be grateful for your mistakes and LEARN FROM THEM!


  1. Be A Person of Action:  We are all guilty of procrastinating some times. To reach your THINK BIG, you need to kick yourself into high gear and get going.  Be a go-getter! Think of all the reasons to do it and not the why not’s.  The early bird truly does get the worm, so fight a little for what you want.  Work towards your goals a little each day, you will thank us later.


  1. Find What You Love and Do It:  This doesn’t have to be a job, which most of us will think.  It can be a hobby that you enjoy, a sport that you like to play, or any activity that brings you pleasure.  Find the time to do it.  Doing what we love brings us happiness, heals us, and puts passion back into our lives.  With how hectic the world is today, we can always use more of that.


  1. Learn a Life Balance:  This one I have yet to master.  Being a realtor, I don’t have much time for myself and am always on the go.  I work around the clock and throw myself into my clients.  This is a catch 22 for me as this is also what I love to do! The need for an overall balanced life is ideal and helps avoid you from burning out.  Overdoing anything is never good.  Always think of yin and yang. (This is my new year’s resolution! Let’s hope it can stick!)


  1. Avoid Conflicts: Learning how to get along with everyone is not an easy task.  We all come from different backgrounds and experiences that influence our thoughts and actions.  Being accepting and empathetic to others can help us go a long way.  We don’t always have to agree with one another, but speaking from a place of understanding allows us to leave judgement behind.  In short, improve those social skills!

  1. Believe in Yourself: It may sound cliché, but it is true.  Having self-confidence is all you need.  It will help you conquer over failure, allow you to take action, and help you achieve your Think Big. No-one can do this for you.  This tip to success has to come from within.  We believe in you, so should you too!


  1. Have a Positive Attitude:  There are tons of books out their on how to think positive.  It is an essential fundamental law of attraction.  Positive attitudes have positive results.  Become an optimist and your glass will always be half full!


  1. Be Willing to Work Hard:  In this day and age where anything you can possible want is literally at your fingertips; the notion of hard work is dwindling.  People forget that to achieve your goals, you need to work at it.  Success does not happen over night, if it did, everyone would be successful and we wouldn’t be writing this blog post!  We need to appreciate delayed gratification and see the worth in the knowledge we gain along the way.  Life is much more fulfilling when you work long and hard and finally achieve something.


  1. Follow you Gut:  Your intuition is there for a reason.  It helps us gauge and assess situations without the need for conscious reasoning.  It can sometimes be a feeling that pushes us in a certain direction.  Trust it!


  1. Embrace a Growth Mindset:  Embrace the notion that we are always learning and growing.  This will help us rebound faster when we hit our failures.


  1. Enjoy the Journey:  Many of us are familiar with the saying; “Man plans, God laughs.” As much as it is important to set goals and work hard the achieve them, we must not lose sight of what is important.  While we work hard, life is happening all around us.  Take time out to enjoy yourself and be light.

You now have all the tools to become a great success! We hope you have found some tips useful and wish you all have a very healthy, happy and triumphant year. 2017, We Got This!



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